NAM Gallery

Here is a collection of kids who used the NAM either at NYU or elsewhere. All photos are published with the permission of their parents. If you want me to add your NAM baby, send me an email.

Ava G. – New York
Cleft: Unilateral Cleft Lip
Orthodontist – Dr. Brecht
Surgeon – Dr. Court Cutting
Hospital – NYU Cleft Lip & Palate Center – New York, NY

Newborn picture of Ava (notice there’s no nasal stent yet and her cleft is still very wide)

Ava with twin sister Alesia – you can see the NAM’s doing its job – Ava’s cleft is much narrower and her nostril has been shaped and moved over. Good work mom and dad!

Lovely Ava after her lip repair. She looks amazing!

Caitlyn – Atlanta
Cleft: Unilateral Cleft Lip
Orthodontist – Dr. Granger
Surgeon –
Hospital – Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta – Atlanta, GA

Caitlyn with her NAM – a very good picture of the NAM

Another shot of the NAM. She looks so cute and peaceful. Makes me want to take a nap.

A picture of Caitlyn without the NAM

Kaden – New York
Cleft: Bilateral cleft lip/palate
Orthodontist – Dr. Larry Brecht
Surgeon – Dr. Court Cutting
Hospital – NYU Medical Center – New York, NY

Kaden’s newborn picture

Kaden wearing his NAM. (and look at those very cute cheeks!!)

Kaden’s wide smile, without the NAM

Reid – Cleveland, Ohio
Cleft: Bilateral cleft lip/palate
Orthodontist – Dr. Gerald Ferretti
Surgeon – Dr. Arun Gosain
Hospital – Rainbow Babies Hospital – Cleveland, OH

Reid’s newborn picture. That’s a feeding tube in his nose.

The world’s biggest smile can be seen around the world’s biggest NAM. So you see, NAM babies do smile!

Reid during the molding process without his NAM.

Reid recently had his surgery – I’ll post a post-op photo here shortly.

Nolan- Portland, OR (Added 6/4/08)
Cleft: Bilateral cleft lip/palate
Orthodontist – Dr. Judah Garfinkle
Surgeon – Dr. Anna Kuang
Hospital – Doernbecher Children’s Hospital – Portland, OR

Nolan without the NAM

A very good shot of Nolan wearing his NAM, all taped up

Nolan, Post-surgery and post-NAM. There are no words to describe his cuteness.

Joshua- Denver, CO (Added 6/4/08)
Cleft: Bilateral cleft lip/palate
Orthodontist – Dr. Jennifer Takesono Yu & Dr. Meredith Harris
Surgeon – Dr. Gregory Allen
Hospital – The Children’s Hospital in Colorado – Portland, OR

Joshua’s very sweet newborn picture.

Joshua with his NAM. That’s a lot of tape on such a tiny face!

Joshua now! Yes, he is a cutie!

Kate – Eden, NC (Added 4/17/08)
Cleft: Bilateral cleft lip/palate
Orthodontist – Dr. Martha Ann Keels
Surgeon – Dr. Jeffrey Marcus
Hospital – Duke University Health
Mom – Ashley – Send her an email at katesmom1007

Kate, without her NAM

Kate, with her NAM (and dressed as a pumpkin)

Ian Timothy - Atlanta, GA (Added 2/13/08)
Orthodontist – Dr. Granger
Surgeon – Dr. Williams
Hospital – Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite

Ian’s newborn picture – he was born with bilateral cleft lip and palate

Ian at 3 weeks old – pre-NAM, but his prolabium is taped down here.

Ian with his NAM at 14 weeks old. His lip surgery is scheduled for April 1st, 2008.

You can read more about Ian on his blog.

Roger- Denver, CO (Dr. Meredith Harris/NAM & Dr. Stacey Folk/surgeon – Children’s Hospital, Denver)

Roger was born with bilateral cleft lip & palate – here he is without the NAM.

Roger with his NAM.

Roger’s gorgeous smile 12 days post op.

Rylee – Virginia (Dr. Maull – orthodontist/Dr. Dufresne – surgeon)

Rylee – pre-nam (That’s her premaxilla sticking out of her mouth)

Rylee all taped up – notice her premaxilla doesn’t stick out anymore – that’s one of the NAM’s main purposes, to push that back into place prior to surgery.

Rylee’s adorable new smile.

Zachary – New York (NYU – Dr. Brecht (orthodontist)/Dr. Cutting(surgeon)

Newborn – Before the NAM

Zach with his NAM

Handsome Zach post lip repair

A great new smile!

Michael – New York (NYU – Dr. Grayson/Dr. Cutting)

Michael with his NAM


Sydney – Virginia (Dr. Maull – orthodontist/Dr. Dufresne – surgeon)

Sydney at 2 weeks old

Sydney with her NAM

Sydney’s beautiful new smile.

Jamie – North Carolina – NYU – Dr. Brecht (orthodontist)/Dr. Cutting (surgeon)

Jamie Newborn

Jamie with His NAM

Jamie’s handsome face.

John Jr. – Georgia – NYU – Drs. Granger and Grayson (orthodontists)/Dr. Cutting (surgeon)

John Jr. Newborn

John Jr. Day 1 with NAM

John Jr. all taped up with nose stents

John Jr., one week post-op with tape over his lip – wish we could get a peak under that tape!

Ryan – New York – NYU – Dr. Grayson (orthodontist)/Dr. Cutting (surgeon)

Ryan newborn (wearing tape prior to NAM)

Ryan with his NAM

Ryan about one month post-op. Look at that PERFECT nose.

Ryan looking irrisistable.

Natasha – New York – NYU – Dr. Grayson (ortho)/Dr. Cutting (Surgeon)

Natasha is the first of what I hope will be many older kids featured in the NAM gallery. Born with bilateral cleft lip and palate, she lives in NY and has been a patient of NYU for her entire life.

Natasha and her mom.


Noelle – New Jersey (NYU) – Dr. Grayson (ortho), Dr. Cutting (Surgeon)

Noelle at birth – she is truly lovely

Noelle with her NAM

And another with the NAM

Noelle – one week post op from her lip repair.

John F. – New York (NYU) – Dr. Grayson (ortho), Dr. Cutting (Surgeon)

John’s new born picture (this is a wide unilateral cleft – just an FYI since we have many bilateral babies on this site)

John with his NAM – one of the earlier models before they used wire (not plastic) for the nasal stents

Little John fresh from lip surgery

John today – 8 years old

Sachin – Canada – Dr. Tim Foley (ortho), Dr. Damir Matic (Surgeon)

Sachin’s newborn picture (he was born with a wide unilateral cleft )

Sachin with his NAM. His lip is taped so it’s a little hard to see.

Sachin’s beautiful new smile. Per Sachin’s dad, “The appliance in his nose is a post-op nasal stent to ensure the patency of the nostril (on the cleft side). it is used as a preventive measure to ensure the scar tissue doesn’t collapse the nostril. he wore it for 3-4 months, and then started taking it out, so now he doesn’t wear it. ”


  1. Colleen says:

    OK… this girl is toooooo gorgeous! I’ve always wondered about Natasha since seeing the brochure before I had the twins. Needless to say, I’m way more than pleased! She’s fabulous! If this is what there is to look forward to, then bring on the future! :) I hope you are able to get more older kids. Jackie, what’s sad is that someday our kids will BE the older kids lol.


  2. Missy Fry says:

    Your site is truely amazing. I love the fact that you are putting so many success stories on here. All the children are beautiful and give me a glimpse into Tommys future. Thanks

  3. Gail Guttman says:

    I so appreciated these pictures. They are all so inspirational, especially Natasha. She looks just like her mom; the repair, as on all of them, are amazing. These photos give me strength to endure the angusih of the surgeries scheduled for my granddaughter this year for her uclp repairs. Many thanks for the website. Gail G.